My project brief is Rape Culture. During the summer break ’19 , I was in India and going back there and facing everyday sexism and living with restrictions so much so that I wasn’t allowed to be alone outside the house even for an hour. This frustrated me and then made me realize why my family acted the way they did. The city I live in has become so unsafe that everyday we hear news about rape cases with the victim of varying age groups. This inspired me to create my summer publication about this issue of rape culture that we experience in our everyday life and how toxic it makes our lives and mindsets.

My work in the art field would somewhat come under the idea of protest art. In the past I have created art on everyday issues but somehow the idea of the struggle was overwhelmed by the aesthetics of the work. So this time I wanted my art to shock and create and uncomfortable environment where the viewer is confronted by the harsh reality of the worldly ways and ends with showing the consequences of it (RAPE).

The installation I created has different levels in it created by a spiral made out of pebbles representing the 3 steps in the rape culture pyramid (in background of this blog) –Normalization,(audio) Degradation (black and white video) and Rape and murder (the video with the close up of girl) . Each circle has a piece of digital art in it. While people walk into the spiral there will be a video projection of me spray painting the main idea behind the work on the floor–YOUR LANGUAGE CREATES YOUR REALITY.

I was inspired by Plato’s philosophy of how our language affects our reality much more than we’d imagine. I also saw Jill Soloway’s TIFF Talk on the female gaze where she talks about a book that refers that language was created by men to demean women. at first it seemed that it was a very toxic way to think but when i did my research i realised how almost all languages were misogynistic and demeaned women in some form or another, be it french or english or hindi or even body considered as language which leads us to our societies today that our filled with misogynistic thinking and pop culture demeaning women in any form possible.

I decided to take this notion of language creating our reality in the most literal sense and showed how our lives are affected by other people’s language and attitude towards us and related this directly to the example of rape culture.

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